Present perfect: how to tie the perfect bow

Quite a few people have asked me to do a tutorial on tying the perfect bow. I can’t figure out how to post videos on my blog, so I’ll do my best with pictures and directions. You might ask, what’s the big deal about this bow?

Well, besides looking pretty, you can untie it and remove it from the present with one hand, in one motion. Also, my method of tying the bow leaves both tails on the same side, which is much more visually appealing. It might seem silly, but multiple people have been bugging me for years to do these instructions.

Lay the ribbon across the package length-wise, leaving enough of a tail for you to be able to tie a bow when you’re finished.
Run the ribbon all the way around the package, taking care not to twist it.
Fold the ribbon over like this and wrap it around the middle of the box.
When you’re done wrapping the ribbon around, it should look like this. It is helpful to hold the ribbon in place with one hand while running it under the box with the other.
This is the bit that most people mess up. Run the ribbon under the others diagonally, leaving enough extra to tie a bow, and cut the end from the spool.
After you cut the ribbon and pull it through, it should look like this.
Grab both of the ends and pull the slack tight like this.
Now make two loops (or bunny ears) like this.
And now the bunny runs around the tree…
… And through the hole…
… And out the other side!
Now pull the loops to your desired length.
And finally, trim the ends so that they are the same length and matching angles.


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  1. After last night, I was wondering if we could have a comment on your take on the US team’s attire. How would you dress the team for the opening and closing ceremonies? Or is this type of commentary fall into the category of erecting a straw man just to tear him down?

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