My Vegas Essentials

Just a few very necessary necessities to get you through your trip to Las Vegas!

My Vegas Essentials

Hervé Léger body con dress
$1,865 –
This is one of my favorite going out dresses, and it’s absolutely perfect for Vegas!

Dolce Gabbana satin mini dress
$1,320 –
The ruching on this dress makes it great for dinner and a show, you don’t have to worry about it wrinkling while you’re seated.

I don’t like wearing black in Vegas too much, with so many ladies dressed up, a pop of color is a great way to stand out.  However, I never worry about standing out in Dsquared2.

James Perse dresses are great swimsuit cover-ups, and they do double duty as daywear away from the pool, too.

Hervé léger
You cannot hit the pool in Vegas without a killer swimsuit.  I recommend stopping by Hervé Léger and Agent Provocateur as soon as you get off the plane.

I can wear my Zanottis all night, which is no mean feat in a city where the clubs don’t close until 4:30!

Fendi pumps
The deep, sueded heel cups on these Fendi pumps make them practically blister proof.  Add some foot petals, and get ready to dance the night away!

Havaianas gray flip flops
$33 –
Perfect for the pool or for when you just can’t wear your heels one more minute.

Christian louboutin
No one’s going to bump into you in the club with this clutch!

Gucci handbag
Vegas is one of the few cities where I will carry a clutch.  You don’t have to worry about carrying your keys, and the bathroom attendants always have mints and lotion, so it’s easy to downsize.

I love these earrings, and they go with everything!

Kiehl s kiehl s
This is my favorite sunblock.  Nothing gets through it!

After you beat your feet up all night, do yourself a huge favor and put on some heavy-duty moisturizer and then pop these gel socks on before you pass out.  Your feet will thank you.

Kiehl s kiehl s
Since I wear such strong sunscreen I’m always on the lookout for a great self tanner, and this one is a perennial favorite.  It dries slowly, so you can really blend it in to prevent streaks, and it imparts a gradual, natural color.

I feel like this one should be pretty self explanatory.

2 thoughts on “My Vegas Essentials

  1. Love the spiked clutch — no one will try to rip that out of your hands! Question for this season: because Kim Kardashian looked like a sofa in her floral print dress, does that mean the rest of us should avoid such prints? Is Kim’s mistake a cautionary tale for all of us about the problems of using the word “chic” and “floral print” in the same sentence?

    1. Kim Kardashian broke the Cardinal rule of wearing print: less is more. You want to look like you’re wearing a bouquet, not the whole garden. For someone so obsessed with fashion, Kim really has no idea how to dress her pregnant body. Either that, or she’s doing it on purpose to get more press. That would be my guess; Kate Middleton is taking all of the cute, classy pregnancy stories, so Kim is working the worst dressed angle.
      Anyway, nothing any of the Kardashians wear or do should influence your style choices in the slightest way. They’re just here to make money for Ryan Seacrest.

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