5 thoughts on “What is Nicholas Kirkwood on?

  1. Been wanting to know your thoughts on the Olsen twins collection, The Row. I looked at the ready to wear online, and it looked like what you wear to nighty-night. Are these daytime clothes? Are the Olsen twins actually designing these or are they backing someone else to design for their label? And can you take this seriously because it is the Olsen twins?

    1. Do other old people like me remember when the Olsen twins were selling their clothes at k-mart? I have a bit of a hard time reconciling that with the $3,000 leather dresses they’re selling now. To me, Mary Kate and Ashley look like two lollipops that decided to don wigs and a husky transient’s clothes, so I guess I’m a bit biased against considering them fashionistas. They look like coachella threw up on them. Seriously though, their runway looks tend to vacillate between misguided and truly weird, but the stuff that makes it into stores is usually pretty ok. I doubt I’d pay full price for it, but if I saw it at the rack I might scoop up a couple things.

  2. That shoe looks like it got covered in glue and dropped into the cheap jewelry bin at Goodwill. Also, it may have at an unfortunate accident in the paint aisle at Lowe’s.

  3. this looks like one of those art projects you do in elementary school for your mom on Mothers Day as a gift. A gift only a mother can pretend to love…..when you’re 8. This is atrocious.

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